About ESF

The reference for Personal Protective Equipement in Europe. The European Safety Federation is a non-profit and a non subsidised organisation which groups (the national associations of) manufacturers, importers and distributors of Personal Protective Equipment in Europe. As such, ESF is recognised by the European authorities and stakeholders. As each of the 511 million EU citizens (be it as employee, as self-employed or in his/her free time) uses Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect him/her against risks for his/her health or safety, the ESF members have an essential role in the protection of the population.

Terms and Conditions


Registration must be submitted in writing, via the registration form of the PPE-seminar.eu site or by e-mail. The registrations will be confirmed in the order in which they were received.

Conclusion of registration contract

The registration contract is not concluded until you have received our confirmation for the ESF secretariat.
There is no entitlement to the conclusion of a contract. We reserve the right to refuse any user’s request for the conclusion of a contract without specifying a reason.

Participation fee

The participation fee is due without deduction


You can not cancel your registration, but a subsitute participant from the same company is of course welcome to take your place.

Event cancellation

If the PPE Seminar cannot take place for organisational reasons, such as failing to reach the minimum number of participants or the advisor is ill, we reserve the right to cancel/postpone the seminar.



Pictures and videos will be taken during the course of the event as needed. By participating, you agree that these pictures and videos may be published in our marketing materials.


Data protection

We collect, process, and use your personal data solely to make our range of services more user-friendly for you.

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